MTPTrend does not look correct

MTPTrend does not look correct

If you see the MTPTrend either plotting in Orange (in the Stand-alone version) or looking like you see in the Chart below (In NinjaTrader 8):

The solution is to load more Data onto your Chart.

If you are using NinjaTrader 8, then you can use the “Right Mouse Click” menu. Then choose “Data Series”. Then look for “Load data based on”, and change this to “Bars”. Ideally use 800 Bars. Please see the picture below:

If you are using the Stand-alone version, then this should load 800 Bars by default. So if the MTPTrend is still Orange, then there is probably not enough Data availbel in your Data. This can happen when plotting Futures on new Contract Months.

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